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Very recently having learned that I have very early, aggressive osteoarthritis, and that my future is one of increasing pain, increasing number of worn out body parts, leading to increasing number of said body part replacements (Bionic Woman, anyone?), on top of OCD, agoraphobia, bipolar, generalized anxiety disorder, ADD, PCOS, IBS, and mother of a very high-functioning autistic child . . . . I am obviously taking it a day at a time, some days up, some down, I haven't absorbed it all yet - but one thing I HAVE learned, and that is that knitters have some very deep hearts, in the kind and wise advice given on an occasion when I was having a hard day coping with the news.  I have learned that, learning to knit, at this time in my life, about a year before this health crisis hit, has  been for a far deeper purpose in my life than I ever could have guessed, and potentially could have far greater rewards than I ever could have thought.  I did wonder, at the time I learned to knit . . . . why this craft, now?  Why this particular one, that I never thought I could do?  Why NOW?

Anyway, I do tend to say I'll do something and then forget about it, quite often, (ADD, among many other things), so I apologize in advance, tho I'm working on it!)  I'm trying to be someone worth knowing, though . . . . AND, I've ALWAYS loved designing, no matter the medium!  In fact, a stampeding herd of bulls couldn't stop me.  I have so many ideas always whirling around.  Working on gaining the knowledge to design what I've got in mind.

I'm in Utah, by the way.  If you are still reading this, and not put off by any of the above, say hi sometime!  Friends are a joy.