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I am a former research scientist. I left that world when we adopted our first daughter. I am a glass beadmaker and have been sitting in front of a torch with glass in one hand and a mandrel in the other for 10 years now. I took up jewelry making/ metal smithing just before my first daughter was born. Someday when kids are bigger I hope to make that a full time avocation. Knitting keeps my hand limber for when I can't get to the studio. I get to the studio less and less with the recent arrival of our 2nd daughter in Jan. 2008. 

I learned to knit when more than 20 years ago. My mom taught me while I was recovering from a ski accident. I just couldn't get it. All I could make was endless tubes on circular needles. I put down my needles because it was so frustrating. But, hey, it was the 80's and I made my sister some cool miniskirts to wear with her puff paint t-shirts. Five years ago, a friend invited me to take a beginner knit class with her. Suddenly, hearing it from someone else made it all click. My next project was a sweater. I have been trying to knit daily ever since. A yarn store is much like looking at beads for me. A riot of color and endless self expression, an addiction. 

I knit mostly for myself and find it a very nice brain break from raising kids. My mother knits as did her mother and grandmother. She is pleased that I am carrying on the tradition. I enjoy the challenge of modular knitting as well as fair isle. Those are my favorite patterns to knit. I am also a variegated fiber nut. I almost never buy solid colors except for fair isle. 

I can't wait for my girls to pick up needles. I keep encouraging my husband.