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You may know me from my independent film work, modeling career, Webs, or high school..maybe we met at the bank once; all you need to know is my simple goal: to somehow combine my love of zombies with my love of yarn in a way that no one gets hurt.

I’m currently working with Feza Yarns as their Head of Design and Communication:

Feza Yarns is a Turkish yarn company that has been creating unique luxury yarns for over 48 years. Today, thanks to their abilities to combine intense colours and textures while maintaining a lovely softness and wear-ability, Feza yarns are available in over six hundred stores nationwide!

As for myself, my name is Kt Baldassaro. I’m a twenty four year old designer living out in Western Mass. I always attribute everything I know about design and knitting to my mother. It was also her passion, or shared obsession, to teach me the basics at a very young age, thusly I have been knitting for over twenty years; Although, I no longer make such slanted potholders.

I connected with Feza and their yarns because as a designer I love a challenge; which is not to say that Feza yarns are challenging to physically knit, but rather they challenge the mind and allow knitters to create a more unique and expressive garment.