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I've been obsessed with fiber since.... for a long time!  First sewing creations, then crochet in the 60's (which I still enjoy), then beading, then I added beads to my crochet. But knitting never "clicked" for me. Even with my grandmother, mother & BFF knitting.. In 04 I was going to give knitting one more try.  I picked up the same old yarn & plastic needles I'd tried with many times before and ... Finally, it clicked - I have learned so many techniques and have tried so many fun things.  So many fibers... just need more time. 

I am addicted!  I recently took a spindle spinning class in Taos, and my husband bought me the needles & roving to needle felt. What fun!

When I am not knitting, you can find me in my studio painting, working in the garden, or out for a walk.  Then there is the unknotting & de-tangling of my yarn! My crazy Bengal cats just l~o~v~e playing with yarn & fiber!  They carry it all over the house!