Washable Wools, from Knitting Daily TV Episode 902's Yarn Spotlight

Yarn Spotlight:
Eunny and Clara meet up again on episode 902's Yarn Spotlight to talk about washable wools. What makes a yarn washable, and what are the best uses for these fibers? Featured on this Yarn Spotlight is The Loopy Ewe's Solid Series, and also shown are Brown Sheep's Lambspride Superwash (orange) and Tahki Stacy Charles' Zara Plus yarn (red).
Sponsored by The Loopy Ewe.


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One thought on “Washable Wools, from Knitting Daily TV Episode 902's Yarn Spotlight

  1. I have two questions: 1) I am about ready to finish my very first sweater (set-in sleeve) for my husband. I watch your show religiously!  I don’t remember or don’t know how to properly measure the armhole to fit just right. I’ve done a lot of “tinking” while making this sweater and would like to measure it right the first time. Do I: a) measure the upper back at the edge down to the underarm point just before it goes down the lower back edge – bending the measuring tape in the curve?  OR b) fold down the upper back until you get to the underarm point before it goes down the side seam and measure down the middle of the sweater back from the fold to the end of the upper back of the sweater? 

    2) I want to do the blocking right and have been unable to find blocking mats or blocking wires in any of the yarn places I’ve gone to or looked up online. Am I using the wrong wording for the blocking mats/wires?

    Your episodes have taught me a lot of what I know of knitting/crocheting. I grew up NEVER being taught how to knit/crochet. Went to a private school thru 8th grade and then went to public school system. 9th graders could take home economics if they had it in 7 or 8 grade only. I hadn’t and missed out. I’ve taught myself how to sew, knit, and crochet with the help of your programs, books, and magazines but they don’t tell or show you every thing.

    Thank you for reading my questions and my life story.            Debbie Retz-Hoar