Knitting Daily Workshop: A Knitter’s Guide to Color with Laura Bryant

Bring excitement to your knitwear with COLOR! With the help of color expert and knitwear designer Laura Bryant, you’ll learn about color from an artist’s perspective and begin a journey that will open your eyes and enrich your knitting.

With A Knitter’s Guide to Color with Laura Bryant, color effects are presented in tangible and visual terms that illustrate how colors behave and our perceptions of them. With Laura’s help, you’ll train your eye to develop your own sensibilities. A new way of sorting color and seeing relationships becomes the basis for exploring color through several simple, yet clever, knitting techniques.

Too see the color illusions Laura Bryant refers to click here.

Knitting Daily Workshop: Reversible Cables with Lily Chin Errata

When Lily compared ribbed reversible cables, 1×1 vs. 2×2 rib, she said “First st of cable is K1 and last st is K1” when she should have said “First st of cable is K1 and last st is *** P1***.” Same for 2 x 2 rib. She said “First 2 sts of cable are K2 and last 2 sts are K2” when she should have said “First 2 sts of cable are K2 and last 2 sts are ***P2***.”

When Lily is demonstrating the Half-Fisherman’s Rib, doing the yo method, when I rep row 1, Lily should have said it is the BUMPY side again, not the smooth side as stated.

When doing Bi-Colored Brioche, when describing the yo method, Lily said “whichever st has the yo, k2 tog” but afterwrds, she accidentally said “purl normal” when she should have said “yo and slip.”

Crochet Me Workshop: Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin Errata

After completing first XXX row, when working the plain row, Lily said “sometimes it’s really easy to forget that you have to skip a double crochet” when it should be a single crochet “every time you do a dropped double.”

When doing chicken feet, Lily said “work the 5th prong into the same spot as the previous post doubles” when in should be previous dropped doubles.

When working solid post-V’s, I at one point Lily said “work 2 rows below” when it should be work three rows below.

On the computer, Lily said she used *Word* when it should be “Paint” that comes with Windows.